We do not typically offer three-night rentals.  We make an exception to this during  ” The Concours D’ Elegance” car show for the Amelia Island long weekend. Depending on the event planning, this time frame varies between the last week of February and the First to second week of March.

We also provide an exception for the GA/FL game for a few properties that the Owners request us to rent to mature, well-behaved guests during this time.

We provide 4 to 7-night stays. (or Longer)

  (7)Seven nights only for JUNE and JULY High season

We also offer monthly rentals and extended stays.

(7) night Rentals: Our check-in days are Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.
(4-5) Night rentals: Our check-out days are Tuesday through Sunday.

Our service level is high because we are a smaller company and pride ourselves on staying smaller. We offer our repeat guests the opportunity to book the same villa before they check out the year before, ensuring that our properties are well taken care of.


Yes, 30 years old and above. We especially welcome our seniors and snowbirds.

You may fill out the information form on our website or call us directly for a booking. Currently, we do not offer an instant booking on our website without speaking to our in-house reservationist.

We also use VRBO as our main booking engine. However, they do charge a rather high booking fee.

We accept all major credit cards except for American Express.

We accept checks as long as they are mailed priority mail with a tracking number.

Only certain properties are considered pet-friendly. There are limitations on the pet size-It is 50 lbs. We only allow hypoallergic dogs. The pet must be approved before your arrival date and the non-refundable pet fee must be paid before your arrival date.

Yes, they are with a leash law and a pickup poo policy strictly enforced.

Check-in begins at 4:00 PM or after.

We consistently communicate with our guests the day and evening before arrival to ensure a timely check-in schedule. Gate access is at 4 PM and Not before. Please do not request an early CHECK-IN during High Seasons-we do not like to disappoint our guests. We will have to say “NO”.

Also, during our busy season, we may have to ask guests to check in after 5 PM if the housekeeping staff runs behind or we run into a maintenance emergency.  We do all of our washing in-house to provide the very best sanitation requirements after the COVID-19 experience, providing fewer people touching what you sleep on.

Also, the image that sticks in my head is seeing other property housekeepers show up and remove a plastic bag from the trunk or back seat of their car with a cig hanging from their mouth…this would not make me feel good as a guest…” Would I want to sleep on those sheets?”…” No, Mame!”

If we have an opportunity to request a check-in later than 4 PM, we will provide a $100.00 guest accommodation.

Check-out is at 10:00 AM sharp.

We request that our guests notify us the night before that they will hit the road earlier than 10 AM. They should kindly text us so we can jump on housekeeping on the day of departure. We will offer a “Guest accommodation” on your next stay of $100.00 if you do this to help us.

Guest must provide a 35% deposit of the total rental rate, including taxes and fees.

The remaining balance is due in full no later than ninety (90) days before the Check-In Date. Failure to pay the remaining balance no later than sixty (60) days before the Check-In Date will result in immediate cancellation of the reservation if contact isn’t made with Dee by the guest,  to explain why the payment is late.

If a reservation is made within thirty days (30) of the arrival date the reservation “Total Balance must be paid in FULL.

(We require all guests staying with us (regardless of the booking platform) to sign our Rental Agreement before arrival. Guests that booked through Vrbo must sign our Rental Agreement as well.

We require all guests staying with us (regardless of the booking platform) to sign our Rental Agreement before arrival. Guests that booked through Vrbo must sign our Rental Agreement as well.

4 TO 7-night rentals:

If the Guest cancels the reservation ninety (90) days to (60) days or more before the Check-In Date, the Guest will receive a full refund minus a Cancellation Fee of $250.00 plus the credit card processing fee if incurred by the MGT company.

If the Guest cancels sixty (61) days to (30) before the check-in date, the guest will receive a 50% refund… and minus $250.00 cancelation Fee and the credit card transaction fees, if incurred by the MGT company. As stated above.

If the Guest cancels the reservation thirty (31) days or less before the Check-In Date, the Guest forfeits the entirety of the Initial Deposit and any other payments made.

Monthly Rentals: If the Guest cancels the reservation ninety (90) days before the Check-In Date, the Guest will receive a full refund minus a Cancellation Fee of $250 plus the credit card processing fee.

Monthly reservations are tough to rebook because, normally, the property has already been off the market for a longer period. We do not offer refunds after 90 days before the check-in date. However, we love our repeat guests and know that from time to time, “Life happens.”

In the event of a severe illness or death, we offer the Family an opportunity to rebook within the following calendar year. Not to extend over a (1) one-year period.

House supply Fee

We provide” NAME BRAND HOUSE SUPPLIES,”  which include toilet paper: 1 on the roll/2 extra in each bath, paper towels, paper napkins, paper food wrapping papers and plastic baggies,… shampoo/conditioner, bar soap-normally two choices, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry soap, trash bags, and coffee pods for six guests (1 night). These are FULL-size products, usually enough for a 7-night stay.

We leave unperishable condiments for cooking, i.e., salt, pepper, olive oil, cooking oil, spices, etc…

Linen service Fee

Your sleep is very important to us. We know a good night’s sleep affects the quality of your stay and how you experience your vacation …

All rentals have lovely linens and bath towels. Some properties also have beach towels and beach chairs; however, this is not guaranteed.

Only specific properties are considered pet-friendly. There are limitations on pet size, which is 50 lbs. We have a Nonrefundable pet fee, which is added to your reservation at the time you book. If you forget, we will add it later before you check-in. However, it is your responsibility to remember the payment, not the management company’s.

We do pop-up meet and greets for our pet visitors and provide a bag of treats from our beloved and local ” Red Bones” Dog Bakery. This place is great! Go in and pick up the healthiest of dog foods and treats and gear and also, grab a Beer! They have a bar with a wide assortment of craft beers. https://redbonesbakery.com/

If a pet is brought into a non-pet-friendly property, it must be removed immediately, and a non-refundable pet fee must be paid, which will be double our normal fee, or your reservation will be terminated. We will provide boarding info for “ Hot-Paws” on the Island.

There will be NO REFUND for your reservation if the pet rules are violated.

We are not responsible for any items left behind after a reservation. However, if something is left please notify us right away and we will do our best to locate and return items. A service fee of $35 will be charged in addition to shipping and handling charges. We will hold on to unclaimed items for a maximum of 30 days.

If there is a mandatory evacuation ordered by local or government authorities during your stay, we can provide an in-house credit valid for one year, not to extend in to another year, unless a death or serious illness has taken place and we will need a written verification of this.

We do not offer refunds or discounts due to inclement weather. We strongly encourage purchasing Travel Insurance.

We know our Guests have high expectations at CHECK-IN…with that said, we do as well at Check-Out Time.

PLEASE NOTE:(Property Manager/Owner inspections at departure determine if we will accept a booking request in the future)

CLOSE & LOCK ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS-Double CHECK that the door locks behind you.

  • We expect the guest to wash one load of towels the night before or the morning of check out and transfer them to the dryer before leaving the property.
  • Any Beach Towels used must be washed & dried and put back where you found them the night or the day before departure. (Our housekeeping staff has no time to do this when we have another 4 PM arrival the same day; (Please understand Beach Towels are an extra perk) If you can not wash them, then the next guest will not have any to use.

” Play it forward!”

  • Please place the pool key and/or utility closet key back where you found them on arrival. A $150.00 charge will be incurred if remotes and pool keys are lost or taken.
  • No dirty dishes or pots left in the sink
  • Start the dishwasher on the way out
  • Check for your cords and Stuff
  • Please leave beds just like you got out of them. We prefer to pull the sheets ourselves.
  • Take all trash to the instructed outside trash can locations, including bedroom and Bathroom trash.
  • TEXT DEE: Once you have left the unit.

Most importantly, Have a safe trip back home.

We hope to see you on your next visit to beautiful Amelia Island!

Please do not forget to review your stay with us.

Please remember to book your next trip ahead of time.

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