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 Are you tired of returning to your beautiful second home only to find dust, dog hair, dirty floors, missing items, or items not left in the correct place as you left them?

“Bigger is not always Better!” for some property Owners.

We know renting out your property is a big decision, and Amelia Island Vacation Rentals and Management Services completely understands that.

It is no secret why we have been around for a while… Caring for and providing “One-On-One” services to our guests and owners requires us to operate as a smaller Company. We limit the number of properties that we on-board to insure that we continue to keep our eyes laser focused on each and everyone of the properties that we manage.

We have customers  who would “Not” otherwise rent their properties out if not for Dee’s diligence and oversight.  Let’s face it! Vacation/second home owners have had some really poor experiences renting their places out.  When a property owner decides not to have the property on the rental program any longer after a poor experience with how it was being managed, they end up losing helpful revenue to offset their property expenses.  Our company can offer a ” FRESH” start!

Our services are  offered  to the South end of Amelia Island because our home and office logistically makes sense. Being 5 minutes from the Resort gate, we can take care of an issue ASAP! Responsiveness is a huge “Key” to success in this business! Owners and Guest do not want “excuses”. They want “results”.

We can also, provide services to Summer Beach and Carlton Dunes areas along Amelia Park Way. Long Point and The Amelia Island Retreat.

 We strive to achieve “A Win-Win!”

Our priority is to make renting your property as stress-free as possible, focus on the highest rental revenue return, and provide five-star, white-glove services to our Owners and Guests.

Everything from listing and advertising your property to booking and collecting payments from the renters, changing your air filters and handling any maintenance issues, to helping you source the perfect items to stock the property for the renters’ use. Suggesting updates that can be accomplished on a budget and knowing what equipment works best and what will gross your property a higher rental return is extremely important.  We handle every step to ensure you feel comfortable about the rental process from beginning to end.

With our “Customized Approach” to vacation rental management services, you can rest easy knowing your property will be fully managed and maintained like it is our own.  We have not chosen to scale up over 25 properties under our management program. Being small is to our advantage with the “Hands-On” customized services we can offer our property Owners. 

We offer a complimentary consultation and walk-through. Let us know your concerns. We are here to advise and help you.

(Ask about our first year “Fresh Start” program and what we gift your rental property to get started)

We also offer “Home Management Services” for Absentee Owners who have second homes needing property checks and service appointments. We can be there when you can’t be. We are 5 minutes away!


Dee Ferrara-Founder-Director of Operations.

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