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It is an exciting time to join the growth of Amelia Island as a travel destination. Vacation homes on Amelia Island are turning into viable investment opportunities for those who take the time to study this niche market.

Maximizing rental income according to the owner’s goals for the property.

Every property is different in terms of how it will rent out. Some properties are just not the right choice if your goal is to achieve a higher volume of rental revenue.

When dealing with a Realtor, please be comfortable knowing they have experience in the ” Short-term” rental market here on Amelia Island.

We offer our owners design suggestions and help them source the perfect furniture pieces and accessories. We also schedule professional photography for an impressive website presentation.

Determining a customized marketing plan to help the owner achieve their rental goals.

Sharing rental insight and knowledge. Proven numbers backing up why 3-night rentals may not be the way to go for the “Health of your property.”

Coordinating all cleaning services to maintain the property in its BEST condition.

  1. Departure cleanings
  2.  Deep cleanings
  3. Window cleaning
  4. Floor steaming
  5. Furniture cleanings
  6. Pressure washing
  7. Annual deep cleanings


We have Strong relationships with reputable vendors ensure the best property maintenance is available for your property. This includes gathering price quotes.

Providing first-hand knowledge about your property-not relaying on a filtered through process of 3 to 4 people. Our Company owner visits every property on Every “TURN AROUND.”

Our owners can rest easy, that we will treat your Amelia Island vacation rental property like it’s our own.

Maintenance issues will not only be addressed but also done promptly and cost-effectively. We have proven our detailed service level… with service beyond comparison.

We have personally trained our trustworthy housekeeping staff on how we expect all of our rentals to be cleaned and constantly have meetings to reinforce the specific details that matter to each individual property owner.

You will not find crumbs on the seats, sand on the floor, and doors left unlocked, which are not tolerated or ever seen in our properties. Our properties are checked four times on each turn in one week.

Our maintenance staff handles all of our condos and houses. If an issue arises, we are there to repair or replace it (normally, a 2-hour window). If it’s a larger issue, we call the owner to get permission to spend above our maintenance cap.

We have third-party relationships with HVAC companies, plumbers, electricians, and appliance firms. We also offer small renovation projects for flooring, bathrooms, interior door replacements, etc. We are well connected to many contractors and have amazing resources, even in the Jacksonville community, who will travel to Amelia to work.

  •  REST EASY… It’s your investment; it is in “Good Hands.” (See our Owner REVIEWS)
    •  Marketing, and Promotional sources.
    •  Web Optimization and Personalized Property Page.
    • Detailed Maintenance and Repairs Reported on Monthly Statements.
    •  Property Care: Fastest Response— Time Hands On
    •  Simplified owner statements.
    •  Comprehensive Hurricane Plan.

Your Guest can deliver a guest experience that there’s never been anything like it on Amelia Island or Amelia Island Plantation vacation experience by supplying high-end linens and towels, well stocked kitchens-all the comforts of home, having a superior cleaning staff, and providing a simple process for vacationers to book their stays. We’ve used this process for years, and it’s proven successful in bookings and repeat business. Our customer service and attention to detail are off the limits of great hospitality experiences.

We offer a rental program in which our outside vendor’s invoices are not marked up, saving the owner money on the ” Bottom Line.”

With strong relationships with our vendors, we can handle an emergency within a 2-hour window. We handle a guest call immediately and go to the property immediately to investigate the issue.

  • We collect all state and local taxes and pay them on the Tax schedule provided by both local and state agencies.
  • Producing a 1099 tax form for each owner and filing with the IRS.
  • Providing the owner with detailed reservation data.
  • Providing a detailed monthly owner’s statement.
  • Sending owners payment of revenue checks securely.
  • We pay all bills from vendors at no cost to owners.
  • Staying on top of rental rates, market fluctuations, and trends and making the proper adjustments to rate pricing.

Offering constant feedback to owners on the status of their property, including

suggestions for upgrades and improvements.

Communication is essential for a successful property rental.

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